The objective is to demonstrate superior electrical, thermal and thermomechanical performance and to combine design and technology with the support of simulation and testing. The central new idea comprises a sequential joint forming process, using self-assembly of nanoparticles, polymers and filler composite materials exploiting capillary action and chemical surface functionalisation.

  • Develop radically new joining technology for electronic applications based on materials design
  • Verify its superior electrical, thermal and thermo-mechanical performance on demonstrator level
  • Target: 10x increase in thermal conductivity; 5x improvement of reliability at very reduced pitches
  • Generate fundamental understanding of neck formation process as a multi-material and multi-scale phenomenon
  • Prove manufacturability and identify risks of novel joining technology on four demonstrators
Percolating Thermal Underfill (PTU)

Neck-based Electrical Interconnect (NEI)